CNY Nian Monster vs Rat

Legend has it, there's a half-dragon, half-unicorn nian monster that devours livestocks, children and animals (rats was his favourite food, yum). Create these two characters and let them fight each other!

You'll need

Vibrating Angbao Rat
* 1 x Angbao packet
* 1 x Vibration Motor
* 1 x Battery
* 1 x Velcro Dot
* 1 x Black Pipe Cleaner
* 2 x Red Pipe Cleaner
* 2 x Googly Eyes

Vibrating Nian Monster
* 1 x Nian Monster Printout
* 1 x Vibration Motor
* 1 x Battery
* 2 x Large Googly Eyes
* 3 x Pipe Cleaners (Red, Orange, Yellow)

Step 1


Making the body of angbao rat

(a) Slit the side of an angbao packet and open it up flat.

(b) Cut out a circle about 8cm in diameter. Use a cup to help trace out a perfect circle.

(c) Cut a slit halfway through the circle. Fold the circle onto itself and tape it down to make a conical shape. This will be the body of the rat.


  • 1 x Angbao Packet
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape/glue

Step 2


Making the head of angbao rat

(a) Fold the leftover angbao packet in half and cut out a tear-shaped piece. Unfold it into the shape of the heart. This is the face of the rat.

(b) Cut out two small circles from the leftover angbao packet

(c) Tape/glue the two circles to the face of the rat where the ears should be.

(d) Tape goggly eyes on the face


  • 2 x Googly Eyes
  • leftover angbao packet from step 1
  • double sided tape / glue

Step 3


Making the whiskers

(a) Make a cross with 2 red pipe cleaners. Then, wrap the black pipe cleaner around the center of the red pipe cleaners.

(b) Paste one side of velcro dot on the rat’s nose. Paste the other side of velcro dot on rat’s face.

(c) Paste rat’s face onto its body.


  • 1 x Black Pipe Cleaner
  • 2 x Red Pipe Cleaners
  • Velcro dot

Step 4


Making the tail

(a) Cut out a long and thin rectangular piece from the leftover angbao packet. Curl it using a ruler. Tape/glue it on the body of the rat as the tail.

Step 5


Making angbao rat move

(a) Use double sided tape to tape down the vibration motor and battery at the underside of the rat

(b) Flip the rat right side up, and enjoy your creation!


  • 1 x Vibration Motor
  • 1 x Battery
  • Double-sided tape

Step 6


Now, we’re making the nian monster! Raaawr

Step 7


Fold down all the lines on the printout


  • Nian monster printout

Step 8


Fold the left and right side inwards. Make sure the text are facing you

Step 9


Turning it into a box

(a) Fold the part between the left flap and base inwards

(b) Do the same for the part between right flat and base

(c) Fold the base down.

Step 10


(a) Like in Step 09, fold in the left and right flap

(b) You should have a box-like shape and should be able to fit in the top flap into the slits

Step 11


(a) Fold all three pipe cleaners into half

(b) Twist them together, till about halfway through


  • 3 x Pipe cleaners

Step 12


(a) Put the 3 pipe cleaners through the hole at the top of the nian monster

(b) At the underside, secure them down by twisting it into a circle shape

Step 13


With double sided tape, stick the electronics at the base of the nian monster


  • 1 x Vibration motor
  • 1 x Battery

Step 14


Paste 2 large googly eyes and you are done!


  • 2 x Large Googly Eyes

Code and References

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