Countdown Counter (II)

Use loops to repeat a set of block 100 thousand times!

You'll need

  • 1 x micro:bit
  • 1 x USB cable

Step 1


Since we’re building a countdown counter, we should be showing number 1000, 999, 998 and down to 1. This variation can be achieved with variables.

Create a new variable called countdown. Then, initialise its value as 1000.

Step 2


In the loops drawer, drag out a repeat _ times block and place it within on start. Whatever blocks within it will be executed n-times - however many that you’ve indicated.

Step 3


In the repeat body, we are going to do two things:
* Display the current value of countdown
* Decrement countdown by 1

Step 4


To display the current value of countdown, place a show number_ inside the repeat _ times block. Drag in a countdown block from the variable drawer and place it inside show number_

Step 5


Then, to decrease the countdown by 1, place change number by_ at the last line of the repeat _ times block. Type in -1 in the textbox.

And we are done! Feel free to change the number of repetitions to suit your needs!

Code and References

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