Encouragement Bot

Want to be a smart cookie and have your micro:bit acknowledge it? This tutorial will teach you how.

You'll need

  • 1 x Tinkercademy microbit kit (of which you need: 1x microbit, 1x breakout board, 1x OLED screen)
  • 1 x battery holder (which can hold 2x AAA batteries)
  • 1 x some cardboard (optional)

Step 1


Connect your microbit and breakout board by sticking the bottom of the microbit (where there are five holes) into the top of the breakout board.

Connect the four pins at the back of the OLED screen to a row of four holes at the bottom left segment of the breakout board.


1x microbit
1x breakout board
1x OLED screen

Step 2


Connect the battery holder to the top right hand corner at the back of the microbit.

Now, the hardware is all set up. Let’s move on to code!

Step 3


From the MakeCode screen, find the middle column containing the blocks.
Go to ‘Advanced’ > ‘Extensions’.
In the new ‘Extensions’ page, search for ‘tinkercademy’.
Select ‘oled-ssd1306’ from the search results.

Step 4


Click ‘JavaScript’ in your MakeCode.

Copy and paste the code from the link below into the text space. The comments (sentences in green starting with ‘//‘) will help you understand the code.

Download the code into your microbit using a USB connector and you are done!

Step 5


(Optional) Put your compliment bot into a nice costume of your design using cardboard and your creativity.


Some cardboard
1x pencil
1x marker
1x pen knife

Code and References

Completed this tutorial?

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