Five golden rings

No budget for diamonds rings? no problem! Make yourself a LED ring instead!

You'll need

  • LED
  • Coin cell
  • 2 stripped wires (preferably one red, one black)
  • Golden pipe cleaner
  • Insulation tape

Step 1


Strip the wires using a wire stripper (or scissors)

Step 2


Twist the wires around the legs of the LED
(a) Red around the cathode (longer leg)
(b) Black around the anode (shorter leg)


  • 1 x LED
  • 1 x Red wire
  • 1 x Black wire

Step 3


Secure the wires using tape and trim off any excess.
Optional: If you have heat-shrink tubing, that works too!



Step 4


Coil the wires to form a ring shape, ensuring that the free ends of both wires are either at the side or bottom of the ring.

Step 5


Connect the coin cell to the wires (make sure the polarities are correct!) and secure with scotch tape. Your ring should light up.

Step 6


Coil a piece of gold pipe cleaner around the ring so that it becomes a golden ring.

Step 7


Repeat Steps 1 - 5 until you get 5 golden rings!

Code and References

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