In this project, we’ll create our very own lightsaber. The LED strips form the blade, and will light up whenever we swing the lightsaber! Unfortunately, you have to provide your own “PSHHHEWWW” and“WOOMM WOOMM” sound effects.


• BBC Micro:bit
• Tinkercademy GVS Breakout Board
• LED strip

Craft materials
• Cardboard

• Sticky tape / Blu Tack


Making the base
Cut out a cardboard base and secure your micro:bit (with breakout board) and LED strips to it with sticky tape or Blu Tack. You can get creative and shape your blade however you’d like. One of the nice things about these LED strips is that they are chainable! We chose a standard shape, but decided to use 2 LED strips chained together to make our lightsaber a bit longer.


Connecting multiple LED strip
We plugged the LED strip into P0 on the Tinkercademy GVS Breakout Board. If you want to connect more than one LED strip, just be sure to attach your strips in the right direction - the arrows on the strip should all point away from the breakout board.

Code and References

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