Nine ladies dancing

Make a carousel of nine ladies dancing around the Christmas tree!

You'll need

  • Micro:bit
  • Breakout board
  • Continuous servo
  • Cardboard
  • Drawing block
  • Hot glue
  • Ball of yarn

Step 1


If you have your own laser cutter, download the attached .svg files and laser away! Else, you can cut the cardboard / paper pieces using the .pdf file as a template.


  • cardboard
  • Drawing block

Downloads: 9thDay_LaserCut-01.svg 9thDay_LaserCut-02.svg 9thDay_Template-0.pdf

Step 2


(a) To make the Christmas tree, wrap the cone net around the 5cm circle and tape the pieces together.
(b) Cover the cone with double-sided tape.
(c) Coil the yarn on the cone, starting from the bottom.
(d) When you reach the top, coil downwards covering all the gaps from the first layer, continuing to use the glue to secure the yarn. Cut the yarn off at the bottom when you are done with the tree.

Step 3


(a) Wrap and secure two pieces of drawing block (cut into half and taped together) around the hard cardboard circle.
(b) Tape a straw to the square piece.

Step 4


(a) Connect the circuit as shown.
(b) Secure the servo on the other side of the circle through the flap, and secure the rest to the base.

Step 5


Attach the hard cardboard circle with diameter of 10cm on the circular plate of the continuous servo using double-sided tape.

Step 6


(a) Make a cardboard flange with the toilet roll by cutting 1cm slits around the bottom of the toilet roll. Fold one side in and the other side out as shown.
(b) Secure the folded-in side of the flange to the tree using double-sided tape.
(c) Secure the folded-out side of the flange to the 10cm-diameter circle using double-sided tape.

Step 7


(a) Poke 9 holes 2cm away from the centre hole of the cardboard ring using a pencil as shown.
(b) Stick the dancers into the holes one by one while securing the feet from underneath using Blu tack.

Step 8


Stick the Christmas tree through the bottom of the cardboard ring.

Step 9


Upload the code and press button A on the micro:bit to get the dancers spinning with the tree! Enjoy!

Code and References

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