Operation Game

Build a game that tests hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. In Operation Game, you get to be the surgeon who makes Bob the Gingerbread man better by fishing out his spoiled parts with crocodile clips without touching the edges of the cavity opening!

You'll need

  • 1 x Buzzer
  • 1 x Micro:bit
  • 4 x Crocodile clips
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Penknife

Step 1


Constructing the gingerbread man

(a) Print the outline of a gingerbread man on a piece of A3 paper.

(b) Fold the printout into half, to make it into a booklet, for easy storage.

(c) Cut out 3-4 small holes of any shape. Be sure to save the cut-out pieces!
(d) Using a penknife, cut out the two rectangle box, located above and below the gingerbread man


  • 1 x printout

Downloads: gingerbread-01.png

Step 2


Making gingerbreadman conductive

(a) Cut out a rectangular piece of aluminium foil, slightly longer than the A3 paper’s height.

(b) Cut out reactangles at the four corners.

(c) Flip the gingerbread man over. Slot the middle aluminium edge through the slots.

(d) Fold in the overflowed edge of the aluminium foil


  • Aluminium foil

Step 3


Connecting the buzzer

(a) Using the 1st crocodile clip, connect one end a crocodile clip onto PIN0 of the micro:bit.

(b) Connect the other end to the positive terminal of the buzzer.

(c) Using the 2nd crocodile clip, connect one end a crocodile clip onto GND pin of the micro:bit.

(d) Connect the other end to the negative terminal of the buzzer


  • 1 x buzzer
  • 1 x micro:bit
  • 2 x crocodile clips

Step 4


Connecting to gingerbread man

(a) Using a 3rd crocodile clip, connect one end onto PIN1 of the micro:bit. Leave the other end free because we are using end to fish out the cut-out pieces.

(b) Using a 4th crocodile clip, connect one end onto the GND. Make sure the first crocodile clip stays put.

(c) Connect the other end of the 3rd crocodile clip to aluminium foil


  • 2 x crocodile clips

Step 5


Coding it

(a) Play tone whenever PIN1 is pressed

Step 6


You are now ready to play the game! Using the crocodile clip attached to PIN1, fish out the cut-out pieces without touching the aluminium foil below. Have fun!

Code and References

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