Rubber Stamp

Make a stamp. To stamp things with.

You'll need

Per Stamp:
* 1 x rubber square (5cm x 5cm)
* Plywood 3mm
* Glue

Step 1


Use a vector drawing program like Vectornator or Inkscape to create your stamp design.

Step 2


Laser cut:

1) the stamp design you just made - use rubber - and

2) the wooden parts for the stamp handle (link to thingiverse stamp handle file below)


Rubber, Plywood

Step 3


Assemble the handle parts with wood glue.

Next, attach the handle to the rubber stamp with an instant adhesive like Loctite or a mechanical attachment.

When glueing pieces together, allow the bonds to cure for at least a couple hours.

Step 4


Once the glue has dried, your stamp is done. Just grab an ink pad and stamp away!

Code and References

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