Snap the dot

Create a simple game using an LED strip, functions, and state variables. One LED will light up blue, and a red dot will bounce back and forth. Stop the red dot when it lands on the blue dot!


• BBC Micro:bit
• Tinkercademy GVS Breakout Board
• LED strip

Craft materials
• Cardboard

• Blu Tack / double-sided tape


Building the holder
You have many options for mounting the LED strip! In this example, we use a thick piece of cardboard. Don’t forget you’ll also need room to mount the micro:bit and breakout board too.


(Optional) Thread the LED strip
Here, we create a small hole in the cardboard, and thread our LED strip through, so that we can connect it to our breakout board without getting in the way of our micro:bit display.


Assemble the components
Finally, we want to secure our micro:bit, breakout board, and LED strip to the cardboard, using Blu Tack, double-sided tape, or rubber bands. Code it up, and we have hours of mindless entertainment! The difficulty can be ramped up quite high, depending on how fast we set the red dot to move. Have fun!

Code and References

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