Steal Me Not

Let’s use touch sensing to create an alarm for a container! You can use this to secure your favourite snacks from your household pet. Or small child.


• BBC Micro:bit
• Tinkercademy GVS breakout board
• Buzzer
• Battery pack
• 2 x crocodile clips
• Copper tape

Craft Materials
• Storage container with lid, your most precious treasure


Attach copper tape to the container
We want our buzzer to make noise whenever someone opens the container. To accomplish this, we use copper tape to turn the lid into a giant reverse button of sorts, which will be “on” when the lid is closed, and “off” when the lid is open.

To begin, attach a strip of copper tape to the lid, overhanging the edge.


Attach copper tape to the lid
Attach a second strip inside the jar, overhanging the lip at the same point as the lid.

Check the connection: the tape on the lid and jar must make contact when the lid is closed.


Connect the wires
• Connect the copper tape on the lid to the yellow P0 pin with a crocodile clip
• Connect the copper tape on the jar to the black P0 pin with a crocodile clip
• Connect the buzzer to P1

Make sure the crocodile clips attached to the breakout board do not touch each other when in the jar.


Putting it inside the container
Make sure you can fit your micro:bit, breakout board, and battery pack in your container with the lid closed. (Don’t forget to insert batteries into the battery pack, and leave some space for the actual object you’re keeping!) This is just to test the fit - next, you’ll need to take your micro:bit out to download your code.

After that, you can rest knowing your treasure is safe! You can also modify this project to turn it into a room or drawer alarm.

Code and References

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