Let's Get Hacking

DIY projects with complete tutorials which you can do on your own at home or at school with various electronics and a little bit of creativity!


Get Hacking

Neopixel game

Make a game of speed and reaction time!!!

Dodge the lights game

Build a game using javascript in makecode.microbit.org


Recreate the classic arcade game PAC-MAN on your micro:bit!

Coin Sorter

Accumulated all your coins in one place and want to separate them accordingly? Then make yourself this coin sorter with a Micro:bit!

Reaction timer

To learn how to use the Infrared(IR) receiver and IR transmitter. To learn use the OLED.

Space Shooter

Create a simple space shooter game where you have to shoot and avoid falling projectiles.

Smart Light

Create a light that will only light up when someone is in the room using a PIR sensor.

Intruder Detector

Create an Intruder Detection system with the Micro:bit which will sound when someone opens the door. The status of the house will be displayed on the OLED.

The Higher Lower Game

Build a simple math game where you can guess if the next number is higher or lower than the one shown on the micro:bit now.

Ultrasonic sensor game

Build a working game using 3 ultrasonic sensors as controls, on makecode micro:bit, using javascript. The game involves covering the correct ultrasonic sensor when the corresponding LED are lit up at the bottom (or second bottom when delay is very high) row of the LED screen of the micro:bit


Move your player left and right to prevent it from getting hit by the falling rocks!

Recluse Bot

Build a reclusive robot that makes a sound anytime it is toggled, touched or when it detects motion

Fish Feeder

Create a fish feeding machine! Two red buttons on ADKeyboard will control the movement of the servo, and a message will always be displaying on the OLED, showing the status of the servo.

Waving fortune cat

Make a Maneki-neko, or Fortune Cat, using the Micro:bit! The ADKeypad moves its hands.

Automatic Lights

Create a light that turns on when the other lights in the room are turned off


Create your very own simple but addictive game with just a micro:bit! Dodge the dropping missiles to survive and achieve new high scores! The pace of the game gets increasingly faster as you advance the ranks.

Don’t Steal My Pig! (Burglar Alarm)

Build a burglar alarm that is activated with a crash sensor and PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor, producing warning music from a buzzer and animation on the LED display of the micro:bit. Create a model of a pig pen enclosure.

Temperature and Light Sensor

To display the intensity of light and temperature and determining if it is a good day to sleep in.

Advanced Reaction Time Tester

Want to test your reaction time more reliably? Want to test other modes of reaction? Build this to be able to test both your auditory as well as your visual reaction time more accurately. This project uses TypeScript ONLY.

The piano

Build your own piano by following this tutorial and learn more about the sensors along the way!

Avoid the Asteroids

Make your own little arcade game on the micro:bit, and admire it in all its 5x5 pixelated glory!

Maze Runner

Create a maze game on your Micro:bit! Use the ADKeypad to navigate through the maze.

soil moisture sensor

Use a soil moisture sensor, that will produce a warning sound when soil moisture gets to low, as well as  a flashing LED, to inform the user to water the plant, also to use an OLED screen to display the value of soil moisture at appropriate intervals

Pong Game

Play the classic pong game with your friends!

Encouragement Bot

Want to be a smart cookie and have your micro:bit acknowledge it? This tutorial will teach you how.

Image memory game

Create an image memory game on the micro:bit

Cardboard Automata

Build a simple mechanical sculpture that moves

Evergreeting Diorama

Christmas Diorama: Tell a Christmas story with the multiple scenes you can choose from Chinese New Year: Paper Cutting and Couplet Writing activities to get you in the festive mood. Birthday Cake Celebration Diorama: Colour in your own cake and candles!

Felt Art - Connecting Shapes


Create a working stopwatch!

Obstacle-detecting car

Build a car that is able to stop for obstacles in its path, and reverses direction if the obstacle is deemed to be permanent. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will use 3 micro:bits to make the car: one to turn each wheel and a third acting as the central controller to receive data from the ultrasound sensors. This is because a single micro:bit is unable to provide enough power to reliably turn more than one servo at a time. However, do note that there is other equipment available, such as the ring:bit, which can be used to rotate both wheels at the same time using a single bit controller.