Step Counter (II)

Put our micro:bit’s memory to work by using variables to create a device that counts our steps.

You'll need

  • 1 x micro:bit
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x battery pack

Step 1


Open your MakeCode Editor, and click on the Variable Drawer. Then, click on the Make a Variable button and create a variable called "counter".

Step 2


Notice how 3 new blocks appear: your variable block, the set variable to_ block and the change variable by_ block.

Step 3


The set to_ block sets the value of a variable. In this activity, to set the value of counter, take the set counter to_ block from the variables drawer and place it inside on start. We will leave the value as 0.

Step 4


Next, take the show number block from the basic drawer and place it inside the forever block. Then, navigate to the Variables drawer, pick out a counter block and place it inside the show number_ block. This lets our micro:bit check the current value of the variable - that will be our latest number of steps.

Step 5


To increase the number of steps, we will need an event that triggers it. The closest gesture to walking would be an on shake event.

In the Input drawer, take a on shake block and place a change counter by_ block inside it. By default this changes the value of our variable by 1, on a shake. This tells our Microbit to increase our steps when we walk!

Step 6


Finally, when we’ve completed our walk, we can reset the counter value with the following:

Take a on button A+B pressed block from the Input Drawer and place a set counter to_. block inside it. Change the value to 0. This resets the counter value to 0 whenever button A and B is pressed at the same time!

Step 7


There you go, our step counter is finished! Attach a battery pack to your micro:bit and secure it to your leg. Try walking around the room and count how many steps you’ve taken!

Code and References

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